San Antonio, TX – San Antonio-based Dura Software announces the completed acquisition of Denmark-based Nordic IT, Inc. Nordic IT specializes in email software for enterprise size teams. Their technology is the leader in the maritime shipping industry that requires efficient and reliable email communication. It is used by hundreds of shipping companies worldwide.

Justin Brady, a former Vice President at Rackspace, has joined Dura as the new CEO of Nordic. While the Nordic offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Singapore will remain active, the headquarters of the company have moved to San Antonio. The company expects to hire staff locally in the coming months.

“We are excited to be the place for Nordic IT to grow its presence in the market. With excellent technology and great people, they’ll be a great fit with the Dura team for the long-term,” said Paul Salisbury. Mr. Salisbury serves as the CEO of Dura Software.

About Nordic IT, Inc.

Nordic IT is a global leader in enterprise email software. Their technology powers the communication and coordination of ships and shipping companies around the globe. Since the company was founded in 2001, Nordic IT has been at the forefront of collaborative and efficient email software.

More information about Nordic IT is at

About Dura Software

Dura Software specializes in hyper-niche software products that fit narrow but mission-critical use cases for business customers. We buy software products from owners wanting an exit to operate with no intention to sell. Sellers know we’ll protect their employees, customers and reputation.

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