San Antonio, TX – Dura Software announces its completed acquisition of California based software company 6Connex. 6Connex is a leader in the virtual events industry through its platform that connects people all around the world for events such as trade shows, summits, and career fairs. 6Connex is used by enterprise such as Sonicwall, Blackrock, Ericsson, and Anthem to deliver content rich virtual experiences through their cloud-based SaaS platform. 

6Connex will maintain active operations in California but will move its headquarters to San Antonio. The company expects to hire locally in San Antonio in the coming months.

“The acquisition of 6Connex has excited everyone here at Dura. It is a great product, which customer rave about, that fulfills a need that we think will continue to grow. This niche business is a perfect fit for what we’re trying to create here at Dura and we are eager to help the company reach its full potential.” said Paul Salisbury. Mr. Salisbury serves as the CEO of Dura Software.


About 6Connex, Inc.

6Connex is a leader in the virtual events market. 6Connex’s technology allows users to participate in event activities remotely from the comfort of their homes, or while on the go, increasing attendance and engagement while reducing event production costs. Since 2009, 6Connex has been a go-to solution because of their continuous innovation in virtual events technology.

More information about 6Connex is at


About Dura Software

Dura Software specializes in hyper-niche software products that fit narrow but mission-critical use cases for business customers. We buy software products from owners wanting an exit and then transform and operate with no intention to sell. Sellers know we’ll protect their employees, customers and reputation.

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