A Permanent Home For Hyper-Niche Software Products

We are specialists in hyper-niche software products that fit narrow but mission-critical use cases for business customers. We buy software products from owners wanting a quick exit to operate with no intention to sell. Sellers know we’ll protect their employees, customers and reputation.


Choose Dura

Perpetual Ownership

We buy with no plans to sell, so your customers, brand, employees, and legacy will be taken care of.

Founder Freedom

We don’t expect the sellers to stick around.

Easy Process

We can get you an offer with less than two hours of your time.

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Our Process


Intro Call

We chat on the phone and answer any questions you have.


NDA & Questionnaire

We mutually sign an NDA to protect your information. You prepare answers to a handful of questions.


Letter of Intent

We crunch numbers on our side and submit terms to you.


Hyper-Niche Software Products

Neutral Zone
Too big to be sold to an individual. Too small for Private Equity. Generally, this is between $1.5mm and $4mm annual revenue.
Software Products
Our model focuses on software products we can sell over and over.
B2B & Mission-Critical
Business customers would be very unhappy if you went out of business.
Recurring Revenue
We love subscriptions and licenses. Services and transactional businesses aren’t a fit.
Specific Focus
Verticals or very unique target customer use cases with hard to replicate features and benefits.
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Sound Like A Fit?

Our Businesses


Moki provides administration software for the deployment and management of single-purpose mobile devices at any scale.

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