We believe software companies shouldn’t be traded around like cattle at an auction.

Private Equity (PE) firms have discovered the software space. These types of buyers buy, improve, and flip software assets every few years. This has been a great outcome for some sellers, but for an even greater number of companies, PE is not a fit.

Where can a seller find a buyer and operator to be a great long-term steward of their company, employees, and customers?

There wasn’t an answer until we started Dura Software.

If you’ve put your heart and soul into building a company, but are ready for a new chapter, Dura is a home for your business that ensures employees, customers, and partners to thrive after you’ve moved on.

We are a team of operational experts who’ve worked in big companies (Rackspace, Dell, BEA/WebLogic, RSA) and in the real world, too. We are deep thinkers on business. We are building a company in a city not known as a tech hub. We are thinking differently.

If you share our values, we’d love to talk.



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